Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Hibernating - The Organic Way!

In the winter, I am guilty of indulging in some pretty serious hibernation like activities:  staying inside and drinking tea while reading good books, picking some new fabulous recipes and spending the day inside experimenting and... sleeping...a lot!   I am really affected by the light in the winter and because there is well, none, in Geneva in the winter, that means my average wake up time is, well, late, I'm actually a little embarrassed to say exactly what time, so I will just leave it to your imagination.  Ok, well for all this sleeping, I'm quite sure my mattress is totally toxic and horrible and am going to throw it away for an upgrade ASAP. I was just on Lifekind's website (recommended by THE Dr. Weil) and they have a whole line of organic mattresses with all the qualities to help you have a happy, healthy sleep.  There is a whole page that explains why conventional mattresses are not so great for our health (considering we are breathing in their chemicals for 7 or so hrs a night, maybe a bit more for some of us =)  Find that info here: Lifekind Organic Mattresses  The website also has plenty of organic linens, organic cleaning products, and even sets for the bio-bebe in your life.  I definitely think this would be an upgrade to hibernation rituals everywhere.


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